Study shows almost 100% of cannabis users give up RX pain meds

Big pharma losing its grip


Big Pharma is afraid of the medicinal benefits people get from marijuana because they are losing money. Both the pharmaceutical and alcohol industries have lobbied in Washington against cannabis legalization for that very reason – protecting their profits.

Nearly 100 percent of respondents in a recent study, conducted by HelloMD and University of California, Berkeley, is proving the credibility that medical cannabis is being used as an alternative to prescription drugs to treat pain. Close to 3,000 patients who use both prescription drugs and non-opioid based pain medication were studied.

97 percent of the patients in the study indicated they “strongly agreed/agreed” that cannabis decreased their use of pharmaceutical medications while using marijuana. Also, 92 percent stated they prefer using cannabis to treat their medical ailments, and  93 percent of respondents said they would use cannabis as a substitute for their current prescription medication if it were available. 81 percent indicated using marijuana alone was more compelling than taking cannabis together with opioids.

Amanda Reiman who helped lead the study is a professor at UC Berkley. She stated the treatment of pain had become a “politicized business” in the United States that has resulted in “the rapidly rising rate of opioid-related overdoses and dependence.”

Despite the fact, cannabis has been proven to help with many things from killing cancer cells to treating rare and fatal conditions, in the United States it is still classified as a Schedule 1 Drug without medicinal value.

Even though these studies indicate that for many patients, marijuana is the best alternative to pharmaceutical medications, big pharma would lose billions of dollars if cannabis was legal in all 50 states.