So Others May Live – Michael McShane’s Story

A story of compassion, rejection, and survival

Michael McShane - Cancer and HIV with Cannabis Oil - RSO
Michael McShane Treats Cancer and HIV with Cannabis Oil - RSO

Many people have heard this saying, but most people do not know the man behind it. I had a chance to speak with Michael McShane when visiting California. Michael is the man behind the words “So Others May Live.”

McShane was growing medical marijuana, legally as a caregiver and patient in Michigan, to make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) for ill people, including himself. He had HIV and was using RSO to help his disease once he stopped taking the pharmaceutical meds in 2011. While treating others and himself, McShane discovered skin cancer of the neck, which eventually ended up spreading to his face and his back.

Michael continued treating his ailments with RSO. Opting not to take a daily regime of numerous pharmaceuticals. His HIV was under control and then one day, skin cancer fell off of his body. All thanks to the RSO treatments.

Cancer tumor that fell off his nose using Rick Simpson Oil

While still battling cancer and HIV, Michael’s home in Ferndale, Michigan, was raided by a Detroit police force. Ferndale is in Oakland County, yet Wayne County officers from Detroit raided his home. Officers believed McShane had guns, but when the officers showed up, and no weapons were in his house, they took all of his cannabis plants and only left him with just three ounces of RSO.

McShane lost everything, including his home in Ferndale, due to this raid. He moved to California in hopes of continuing to help ill people by making RSO for them. Most of the dispensary owners and other people in California shunned him because they felt that McShane was taking away their profits. McShane stated, “I have only made RSO for three people in the three years I have been here because people think I am trying to cut into their profit”.

Ironically, after much rejection in the marijuana community, McShane was forced to contact medical doctors in hopes of positive results from a specific study these doctors were conducting. Since his HIV was untreated by traditional medicine using RSO, these doctors were intrigued by his situation. McShane has since undergone treatment under these physicians, and his case study will be part of the Journal for American Medical Association.

Michael McShane - Pointy Leaf
Michael McShane enjoying a day on the beach with Pointy Leaf

McShane has struggled in his journey of helping others and continues to fight because of the greed and lack of compassion he has seen by many in the medical marijuana community where he lives. He is a fighter and will continue to work and speak out for his cause “so others may live.”

McShane said “My goal was to survive and help everyone that followed me. I did both, and now everybody with HIV and Cancer will have a better chance of surviving.”

Thank you, Michael McShane, for fighting #SoOthersMayLive!