Closed-Loop Aquaponics System – the future of efficient and cost-effective farming

Less time, energy, money and water to grow amazing medical marijuana

Closed Loop Aquaponics - 151 Farmers
Closed Loop Aquaponics - 151 Farmers

Our team had the pleasure of visiting and touring 151 Farms in San Diego, California. I was utterly blown away by how they grow their medical marijuana. Aquaponics not only decreases veg and flowering time but also cuts down on the use of water and other energy sources. Farmers can optimize their annual cannabis crop production values, on a gram/meter basis, by using a Closed Loop Aquaponics System.

Closed-Loop Aquaponics Systems rely on a plant/fish relationship that moves the nutrient-rich fish water between the plants and the fish in a traditional flood and drain type of cultivation style. Fish wastewater is pumped up and into a food/drain table within a demo 40′ Tractor Trailer. Water then enters the buckets through holes drilled in the bottoms, displacing stagnant air out of the rhizosphere, and pulling fresh oxygenated air in as the water drains. Each Bucket has approximately 4″ of Lavarock at the bottom to house beneficial bacteria that converts the Nitrites into Nitrates for the plants.

Watch the video below to see a little action of what 151farmers are doing.


Growpito is also being used instead of soil – Growpito is heated and spun rock media that forms a highly fibrous insulation like material which holds water and nutrients EXTREMELY well, minimizing water/dosing requirements. Growpito is INERT and REUSABLE and lasts up to TEN years.

Who wouldn’t want to grow their marijuana productively at a lower cost than traditional farming? Decreased farming expenses equal lower pricing for patients. Aquaponics farming is a win-win for all!