At The Christmas Party Skip The Booze, Pass A Spliff

Weed is safer than alcohol, this season and all seasons

Christmas Cannabis
Photo by: Jan Mika

This holiday season, when you’re hanging out with your family and friends, why not pass around some flower instead of eggnog and rum.

Sure the old standard dictates that. You hear it every year, “I can’t stand the in-laws without some alcohol.” People lose entire days from resulting hangovers, or fixing damage caused while under the influence, or regretting things said. Police are out every night and setting up checkpoints on weekends to catch drunk drivers.

Now, most people agree that it is not wrong or even immoral to down some suds to unwind after work, at a show or event, or with guests. Consuming some marijuana is proving to be much less toxic and addictive, and it is even known to be healthier for the body and mind. Plus it is far less likely to lead to destructive and violent behavior. One of my all-time favorite comedians, the late great George Carlin once said: “You show me a couple of guys smoking weed downstairs, and I’ll show you a couple of guys not causing any &$*#ing problems.”

When choosing how to celebrate the birth of Christ and the New Year, consider these:

We can go on and on, and will. I hope you get the point for this holiday season.