Cannabis has come a long way since Flower

Cannabis isn't just about smoking anymore

Different forms of cannabis
Photo by: Brett Puffenbarger

Cannabis has come a long way since Mexican Brick Weed from back in the 60’s. Now, there are many forms of marijuana instead of just flower. Medibles (medicated edibles) is an excellent way to get rid of pain without feeling paranoid and without getting the munchies. Medicated syrup/kool-aid or tea are other ways to ingest cannabis to get relief from aches and pains. Anything you cook or bake with butter or oil, you can make with marijuana.

In addition to medibles, topical lotions and bath bombs help with specific ailments without having to take traditional pharmaceutical medicine. Neither of those will get you feeling “high” but will relax your body so you can rest. Rest is essential in any form of healing.

Cannabis oils (either CBD or Rick Simpson oil), can be ingested and also be used in cooking and baking. CBD oil is good for inflammation, seizures, headaches, and epilepsy, just to name a few. Rick Simpson Oil has been used to treat and cure certain types of CANCER, as well as many aches and pains. You just place a few drops of these on your gums and let it flow into your bloodstream. You can also use these products in pill form (the taste is usually disgusting, so if you do not want to taste it, a pill form would be a beneficial way to obtain treatment using these oils).

Any of these forms of cannabis is better for you than traditional pharmaceutical medications because marijuana is all natural. Just be careful on your dosages. Nobody likes to feel too high! Happy medicating!

Different types of cannabis
Photo courtesy of Marijuana Doctors